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An Introduction from Philip & Hayley


I’m Philip and I want to tell you about my creator, who is also called Philip. Isn’t that a bit weird? I was living in his fantasy mind when I was 11 years old way back in 1959, just a long time ago for all you new readers but you might say “How can you talk to people now, so many years in the future?”


I’m Hayley and I jumped in because Philip didn’t tell you that he is actually 12 years old now and living in 1960. I’m his girlfriend and only met him this year.
Philip: Hayley! I hadn’t finished telling them and they live in the future so they won’t care which year it is in our life so I was going to tell them how I came to be in their year. Hayley: But that’s easy we have travelled in different Universes but also across time like when we met “Pip”. Philip: But they don’t know about “Pip” unless they read our new adventure together, which started in 1960. Hayley: Well perhaps you should tell them about “Pip” or perhaps I could. They would be quite surprised. Philip: No! My creator would get a bit annoyed as it’s in his mind. If I tell them he might change my future and I can’t risk that, and Hayley he might change your future too.
Wecome to Philip G Bell’s Fantasy World